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Holistic Wellness Therapy is a holistic and alternative healing practice. Offering a range of therapies, workshops, and energy medicine practices to help bring balance, relieve stress and maintain health, universal harmony and wellbeing.

We focus on mind, body and spirit using both Ancient and Contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing, rebalancing, resetting energy – creating and restoring health, allowing you to realize your highest self and potential.

Reiki and shamanic healing are natural partners, as both are sourced in Spirit, and work in concert with our connection to Spirit and the Universal Life Force energy.

As a child, experienced seeing the unseen, and keen knowing of the unknown…. As an adult, experienced a successful career in corporate world… Today, I share the spiritual and practical wisdom teachings learned over a span of approximately 20 years to guide my clients to health and wellness addressing the mind, body and soul for a complete wellness approach….

Energy Medicine Trainings

  • The Four Winds 300 Hour Residential Energy Medicine and Health Coach Practitioner Program (US and Chile)
  • International Center for Reiki Training- Master/Teacher –Usui/Tibetan Reiki
  • International Center for Reiki Training- Master/Teacher -Karuna Reiki®
  • Workshops and training with Itzhak Beery, (faculty of Kripalu Center, NY Healing Center)
  • Lifetime Member of the Oklevueha Native American Tribe

Professional Trainings

  • Bachelor Degree of Science/Accounting- Sage College of Albany, NY
  • Associate Degree of Science/Business Administration- Hudson Valley Community College
  • Member of Board of Trustees for Community Hospice Foundation/Capital District, NY
  • Member of National Association Professional Women
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I have had three healing session with Eleanor between February 28, 2018 and April 3, 2018. She thoroughly explained what the healing process would involve on my initial appointment for smoking cessation. I have not smoked since March 13, 2018.

Each session always started in a safe sacred safe that was soul provoking and powerfully beautiful. The moment you step in her office, you feel a sense of calm and your stresses melt away. Aside from being highly skilled, she has a very friendly, caring, and open way about her. She explained everything clearly and I felt comfortable asking any questions I needed to. She also emphasized contacting her any time with any questions between appointments, and I did take advantage of that.

Les Arras

Clifton Park, NY

A few words from a client of Eleanor’s:

Eleanor and I became acquainted in early December. My medical doctor recommended that I contact her, to help with a mental/spiritual crisis that had overtaken my wife. Gratefully [and surprisingly], her help has included working directly with me as well. Her chakra clearings, Reiki treatment and soul retrieval session have produced palpable results. I have been stabilized in a very unstable situation.

My own inner path is tied to the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples. That Eleanor tuned in to this was astonishing. Even more was her ease and familiarity with the principles and the practices. I am still her client and look forward to continue healing.

Acra, NY

Eleanor is the real deal! After having several sessions with her I find her to be a highly skilled & effective healer, she has the intuitive ability to focus healing exactly where it's needed. After working with Eleanor I've had long-term, deep seated issues released; I have more insight & operate at a higher vibrational level than ever before. I recommend Shaman Eleanor to anyone who is serious about shedding trauma imprints left from this (or Past) lifetimes.

Ellen M.

Albany, NY

After several years of various illnesses, with reactions both mild and severe to a wide range of medication, I found a Primary Doctor that referred me to Eleanor. To say Eleanor changed my life is an understatement. When I was first referred, I was dependent on a cane for walking short distances and a walker for longer distances.  On a good day my pain level was around a 7, on bad days, a to and I did my best while raising to children, to stay in bed.  My health had deteriorated so severely I became disabled, unable to work even part time and at times almost bed ridden.
The first thing Eleanor did was to drastically change my diet. At first I thought it was going to be difficult but as I cleansed my body under her guidance and started to eat in a way that did not actually hurt my body, my reduction of pain was so significant not eating the foods that brought on pain was surprisingly easy.  As my sister and I often express, Pain Is A Great Motivator!
Today my pain lever ranges from a 0/1 on a good day up to a 4 on a bad day. Which anyone with arthritis through out every joint, nerve damage through out one’s body and just being a senior citizen will attest is darn good!  Reducing the pain in and of it’s self is a miracle! By following Eleanor’s suggestions regarding my diet, meditations and energy work I have lost 30 pounds, am able to once again walk daily, have started yoga and most importantly have found a calmness in myself that has alluded me for decades. Now when people I haven't’ seen in a while see me, they are shocked.  Everyone I know asks what miracle has taken place. For it truly is a miracle for not only myself but those in my life as well as we are all effected by this transformation. Not only do I have my life back but it continues to get better daily. I continue to grow not only physically healthier and stronger but more importantly spiritually healthier and stronger.
Janie Clements
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