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The Shaman . . .

Is a person of knowledge and power.

Uses power and knowledge in service.

Knows that love is the organizing principle of the universe.

Knows that creation is not complete – we help dream the world into being.

Is one who has not left the Garden, is not separate from nature.

Knows everything is infused with spirit, with life.

Sees the organizing principle of the universe, the archetypes.

Is in service for the good of all beings and the Earth.

Has a high sense of ethics – works through intent.

Knows and faces the shadow, both personal and collective.

Holds and creates sacred space.

Even with intent, does not fix the outcome – no attachment to result.

Knows that power can heal and also destroy, and uses it wisely.

Knows to work at source – the energetic.

Knows that we are here not only to grow corn but to grow gods.

Knows that everything is light bound into matter.


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Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

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