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Hacking The Human Biofield

The following are extracts from my book, One Spirit Medicine. You can order my book on the Four Winds Society’s online store for the full science!

Longevity of the individual is important to you and me, but it is of no interest to Nature: Nature invests in the preservation of the species by programing us to go crazy over sex (just ask any 18-year-old).

Shamans of old discovered that they could hack the human biofield – the luminous energy field that envelops the body – to live long and healthy lives, get their health span to equal their life span, and free their consciousness from their biology!

To do this, you first have to upgrade the hardware (detox the body and repair the mitochondria). Then you can upgrade the brain, update the software that informs the DNA, and download the apps for longevity and the exploration of the ultimate frontier, the Conscious Cosmos.

It’s an experiment of N=1, you! And shamans and Tibetan Buddhists have been doing it for millennia.

To your good health,

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


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Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

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